• 5 ways to reuse your bamboo toothbrush

    By now you have ordered your bamboo toothbrushes with subscription order. And have one thing less to remember in your everyday life.  But still eve...
  • 6 ways to get more ecological wardrobe

    Clothing industry is one of the most controversial topic, when it comes to climate change and polluting. The biggest environmental damage is caused by so called ”fast fashion”. Clothes are no longer manufactured to last, but to be used few times and the to be forgotten
  • Why choose bamboo over plastic?

    Did you know that plastic toothbrushes are part of global waste problem. Plastic is in many ways irreplaceable material, it is cheap, versatile and resistant. But as the amount of plastic grew and it became more and more common, it started to courage us into single-use lifestyle.
  • Honest bamboo #nofilter

    Bamboo has risen into a great fame. In fight against unnecessary plastic it has shown its value, but consumer that has been misguided one time too many and gotten used to social media filtered content is sceptic. Why bamboo?
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