Honest bamboo #nofilter

Bamboo has risen into great fame. In the fight against unnecessary plastic, bamboo has shown its value. Consumers of today are often quite sceptics due to the medias', so often misleading information flow.

Why bamboo? Things tend to have a darker side too. What is the dark side of bamboo?

The answer is amazing; bamboo really is as wonderful, genuine and natural as it appears to be. Bamboo is even in products the natural itself.

Bamboo is the treat of pandas

Bamboos belong to a group of true grass. Over thousand species belong to this crowd. The widest growth areas are located in the mountains of Asia, but resilient bamboo is met in many other surroundings too. Bamboo is the treat of pandas and its branches are very rich in fibre. Pandas don´t use as their food the Moso-bamboo, which we use in our products, and that is very important aspect to us. We don´t allow any pandas to be violeted in any way because of our dental care, thus our production is done under tight control.

Bamboo as a material

As a material bamboo is priceless. Not only is it beautiful material that can be used in multiple ways, it is also the fastest growing plant on our planet. It can be harvested 1-5 years. It absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide to itself than hardwood trees and it releases more oxygen to athmosphere than any hardwood tree. When growing in its natural habitant it doesn´t need pesticides or any other toxins or fertilizers to flourish. Bamboo can be used as a building material, in clothing and other products. In use it is pleasant, naturally anti-bacterial, warm and nice-smelling. It also is 100% biodegradable and that makes it extremely ecological choice. Because of these marvelous qualities, bamboo is very good choice to replace single-use or short use products. By using bamboo toothbrushbamboo straws and bamboo cottonswabs you can make a huge difference in the amount of unnecessary plastic waste.

Home decorating D-I-Y

Bamboo is well-known home decorator. It is evergreen, pointy-leaved plant that has an exotic wibe to it. Who wouldn´t want a touch of an exotic paradise in their own home?

Good news are; versatile bamboo is easy to grow. The climate has warmed, so now bamboo can be grown almost everywhere. (https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-9559916). You can even try to plant this lovely, gently swishing plant to your own balcony or to your garden with these Plantagen's instructions.

Grow your own bamboo

”Plantig in pot

Do you want to plant a bamboo in a pot? Put 10cm gravel in bottom of flower pot and on top of it dirt with nice quality. Water regulary in the summer season. Bamboo will overwinter protected from frost or by burying it to the ground. Bamboos that are grown in pots can also be moved indoors in the end of fall.

In spring time give your bamboos a dose of natural fertilizer made out of cow dung, and during the summer season treat it with general fertilizer. Water when needed. If your bamboo is in straight sunlight in the sunny winter months, cover it with sackcloth. Dried out sprouts can be cut of in the spring but generally bamboo doesn´t need cutting." (Plantagen)




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