5 ways to reuse your bamboo toothbrush

By now you have ordered your bamboo toothbrushes with subscription order. And have one thing less to remember in your everyday life.  But still every 3 months you need to replace your old brush with new one and throw old one away.

Bamboo toothbrush is an ecological alternative and as long as you remember to remove the bristles you can recycle or burn it with good consciousness. Bristles come off with pliers- just crab the bristles with them and twist and pull. Easy. 

But with just little imagination your toothbrushes journey doesn´t have to end just yet. We came up with 5 tested, and proven to be good ideas, what to do with your toothbrush when new toothbrush arrives to replace it.

1. Natural beauty 

Natural lips & Kissing

Scrubbing your lips with an old and soft toothbrush is great, especially if you are a lipstick user. Every now and then, scrub your lips with your bamboo toothbrush. All you need is warn water. Afterwards put some good quality natural lip palm and let it absorb through the night.

Eyebrows and looking naturally awesome

Thank god for the fashion that is ever changing. The 90´s thin eyebrows have passed and new fashion in brows is thick, natural and almost messy. You can use your old bamboo toothbrush to model your eyebrows perfect. Add little hairspray to your well served toothbrush and do your thing.

2. Ecological care for textiles

In our previous blog we went through some tips how to get more ecological (and more stylish) wardrobe. One pointer was, that we wash our clothes far too much. We actually can manage long time with just local stain removal and hanging your garment outside to get some fresh air. And here is your bamboo toothbrushes possible new life. To remove little annoying stain, add little dishwashing liquid to your toothbrush and brush gently. 

3. Recycle bamboo toothbrush to be a flower deco

Bamboo toothbrushes are so beautiful that you can use them anywhere. Use them as flower sticks in your flowers or herbs. Even if you recognise your herbs without naming them, you might still enjoy how wonderful these bamboo flower decorations are.

 4. Ecological style to clean small places

This one is a no-brainer. Small places like behind faucets and between tiles need small tools. Like your toothbrush.

5. Do it yourself

Who doesn´ t love D-I-Y? Bamboo toothbrush offers us nice wood material to use our imagination on. These home-made pieces will spread joy as gifts. 



Get creative! 



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